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Almark V0C3 (adfly)

Almark V0c3

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Almark Chapter 2


By the time he returned to the Main Troops garrison, Rays had completely forgotten about the old man.

There was no sign of the expected Gilba’s Soldier.

Apparently, they had changed their target and moved to the east.

Lost their impending enemy, The Black Wolf Cavalry continues to advance to secure a supply line for Firan main troops.

When Rays left the leader’s tent feeling tired, one of the female cooks came up to him and said she had picked up a strange old man who knows him.

Then he finally remembered the old man.

“Yo, Old Man”

The old man was sitting in the small corner of the carriage.

When Rays calls out, he stands up in a hurry and bowed his head deeply, and say he was called Yorg.

“I am Rays. I am the Vice-Captain Here”

Yorg asked is there something he can do for him as gratitude.

“What can You do?” asked Rays while smiling.

Well, if it’s possible, you could help with the woman’s works, he thought.

Yorg said he was the head of the Nork Magic Academy in the Garai Kingdom, a powerhouse in the south, and was on a journey in search of talented children.

Rays laughed and didn’t believe it, but Yorg picked up a stone at his feet and threw it toward the sky, saying that he could only do this because he lost his wand in the middle of his journey, and it turned into a bird. When he saw it fly away, he muttered, “Is this real?”

“If it’s Nork Magic Academy, I’ve heard of it too.”

Said Rays.

“It is said that anyone, regardless of their hometown or status, can receive equal education as long as they have a magical talent. I also heard that once you graduate, you can succeed in life since it’s very popular in various countries. You are the head of that school?”

 Yorg nodded and supplementing Rays’ vague knowledge.

The school is located on the island called Nork Island, the age of children who can enter is limited to 9 years old, and the school is a boarding school where you can study for 9 years, 3 years each for elementary, middle, and high school. 


Rays groaned once and thought silently for a while.

Yorg quietly watches over him.

soon, Rays began to scratch his left side. It was his habit when trying to mention something hard to say.

“… Your school only accommodates talented kid huh.”

“… Yeah”

When Yorg nodded, Rays also began to groan and scratch his side.

“I have a request”

Finally, Rays began to talk.

“It’s about my son.”

Your son? Yorg responded.

“yeah, Almark. Five years old.”

Rays said while still scratching his side.

“The mother died as soon as he was born. I have been raising him by myself but, somehow I don’t have the courage, or rather I am too weak. Mercenaries are a cruel occupation. You can’t trust your allies, not to mention your enemies. You can only rely on yourself and a handful of friends. I assure you, if he becomes an ordinary mercenary, he will surely die before he’s 20 years old.”

Yorg listens silently.

“Well then, how is it? Why don’t you put him in your school?”

Rays continued before Yorg opened his mouth.

“No, I know. of course he doesn’t have talent in magic, right?. But anyway, if you can find a place in the south where he can live by himself, there is no battle over there, he can live in any way. Please, Accept him.”

Rays said that and bowed his head.

Yorg kept silent for a while, but before long he laughed and said, “It becomes strange right.” even though I am the one who was indebted, but you’re the one who bowed your head.

They stood up, “Anyway, let me see that child” Yorg requested.

When he noticed it, it was already dark.

It seems that dinner preparations have begun.  “Over there.” Rays pointed to one of the bonfire smoke rising everywhere.

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