Chapter 1 – Northern Mercenary

Almark’s enrollment to Nork Magic Academy is delayed for two years.

It has been more than 100 years since the war broke out in central and the south. In contrast, the war in the north did not seem to stop.

Various nations rise and disappear, the lives of many people are lost, and the people of the North spend 45 years in war without being able to give birth to a strong nation.

Bloody mercenaries across the continent naturally came to the north.

Almark’s father, Rays, as the vice leader of the mighty Black Wolf Cavalry was also heading North.

Almark first met Yorg the Dean of Academy was when he was five years old.

At that time, the Black Wolf Cavalry, which was roped to the skirmish between the kingdom of Firan and the kingdom of Gil Ba, was marching in the buffer zone of both countries with his mother.

It is impossible marching safely in the North. On that day, after confirmed the cloud of dust ahead, Rays went out for reconnaissance with his ten cavalry.

“Don’t let them get close to the main troops.”

Rays instructed his subordinates and take the lead.

His other companion knew immediately. They were the bandits who made their base in this area. their number is around 30 horsemen

The bandits seemed to be pursuing the traveler old man.

foolish bunch, murmured rays.

There is information that the Gilba Soldier is deployed ahead.

Let’s quickly kick the burglars away and go a little further. He made up his mind and looked back at his subordinates.

“let’s go”

At that time, he had no idea what to do with the traveler old man who was being chased.

The cavalry under Rays made a surprise attack from the side of the bandits.

The cavalry under Rays made a surprise attack from the side of the bandits.

After a battle not to be ashamed of the name of the black wolf, the bandits who’s numbered more than three times collapsed brittlely.

The battle ended when Rays cut the seventh person.

“The rest run away huh.”

Rays looked around and muttered. The thief flees, leaving behind a large number of corpses.

So he turned his attention to the old man for the first time.

That was a close shave, the old man thanked him while breathing heavily and panting.

(老人はぜいぜいと荒い息をつきながら、どうも危ないところを、と途切れ途切れに礼を言った。Not sure, but I did my best.)

“That was disaster, old man.”

said Rays.

“This area will soon become a battlefield. Traveling alone is dangerous.”

Then he looks back at his subordinates who are searching the bandits body, “Let’s make a preparation around here.”, he yelled.


Counting the number of subordinates who gathered, “Wenner was killed huh.” he muttered.

“let’s go a little bit further, let’s pray that Gilba’s Soldier is close by.”

When everyone got on board, he remembered the Old Man and looked back.

“If you wait here for a while, our Main Troops will come. if you had enough traveling alone, tell them someone named Rays let you into the carriage. what? there’s no need to be worried. it’s travelling Mercenary corps after all, there’s woman and child. if it’s the border, we can go together.”

he said in one breath.

“Okay, let’s go.”

With the shout Rays, the Ten Horsemen of Black Wolf began to run simultaneously.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I am not that great english speaker but my hunble advise here -“The rest run away huh.”- is to change run for ran giving that the expression is in past tense.


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