Almark chapter 1

Halo Silverish here.

This is my very first official post.

Before anything else be aware that:

  1. I am not native English speaker
  2. I use MTL, and edited it with half-baked Japanese.
  3. I am newbie on this field.

Alright well before I went further with my rambling here is:


Chapter 1


Now then, I started this site for practice my Japanese and English. I had been reading web novel ever since first grade high school if I remember correctly. That is how actually I come to learn English, just keep reading and translate word per word every single day until at certain point, I don’t need dictionary anymore.

Several years ago I start wanted to learn Japanese, with previous experience with English, I though the same method could be used.

Well technically it should be possible. Except there is too many kanji and they are all look almost the same to me.

Of course I didn’t give up just like that, but I don’t have the persistence I had before, so yeah some time I skipped several weeks or even more by the time I want to start again I had forgotten everything I remembered before.

So by posting in this site I hope that there is some pressure to urge me to start learning again, well I might not really care later, BUT!!! No harm trying right???

And that’s it about me.

Tahnks for your visit and have fun reading!

And one more

I might drop the novel if I lost interest with the said novel, since my purpose is learning, I mean if I don’t enjoy the process of learning there is no way I can learn anything, it just torturing myself, and I am not masochist!

5 tanggapan untuk “Almark chapter 1

  1. 1st of all, welcome
    2nd, a suggestion: please put a comment section on each chapter(s), that way us readers could thank you for the chapter, gave comments and/or notify you if there is/are mistakes (which also could help you develop the language & translation knowledge)



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